Therapeutic Vaginal Steam
Womb Wellness
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                           Therapeutic V-Steam

Customized Womb Wellness For Your Yoni.  The Benefits of A Therapeutic V-Steam:
  • remove toxins
  • eliminates abdominal pain
  • helps with pelvic inflammatory disorders and urinary tract infections
  • hemorrhoids
  • balance hormone levels
  • detoxification
  • speeds up recovery process after childbirth
  • treats infertility
  • treats yeast infections
  • helps with feminine odors
  • relieves menstural cramps
  • regulates menstural flow
  • helps with fibroid shrinkage
  • womb trauma
  • cleanse and revitalize the uterus and many more benefits

V-Steam session include 30 min massage with focus on womb wellness and 15 min chakra
balancing for full body holistic care

Womb Wellness Package $245.00      Session Time 1 hr - 2 hrs.
Introductory Special $185.00

Consultation and Appointments Call (267)864-8639
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