All About "Me" Spa Parties
It's Easy!  We Provide the Spa Experience Party & Pamper Party Elements - You Provide the Guests

Step 1 - Think of a date you want to
Host Your All About Me Spa/Pamper Party.  Decide on your party
type.  Do you want a pamper party where you and your guests purchase massage therapy
or bodywork services or Do you want a spa experience party where you and your guests
get to experience Jabiel Spa Products to purchase? or Both?

Step 2 -
Call to schedule your Spa Experience Party or Pamper party consultation and make
arrangements to pick up your invitations to give to your guests.

Pamper Parties - depending on how many hours you decide to host your party and how many            
guests are attending -  decides how many minutes each guest will be serviced with their                          
massage, bodywork or spa services. Pamper Parties are pure De- stress and Relaxation services.

Spa Experience Parties - Spa experience parties is 1.5 - 2 hours short and are FUN parties! Your guest  
will engage in experiencing Jabiel Spa Products for at home pamper care. At the Spa Experience parties
guests can purchase cash & carry spa products.

What's In It for YOU as the Host of the Spa Experience or Pamper Party?
Pamper Party  - you receive FREE Massage Therapy & Spa Service for (60 min)  that has
a value of $240.00 which includes therapeutic massage or bodywork and Spa services.

Spa Experience Party - you receive a FREE Gift of Jabiel Spa Products.

What's In It for your Guests?
Pamper Party Option I
Guests will receive 60 min therapeutic massage on high stress & tension areas with Classic Facial
                                                                                  Minimum Guests 4/Cost for each guest $65.00
Pamper Party Option II
Guest will receive 60 min Bliss Massage with Lemongrass Foot Scrub            
                                                                                  Minimum Guests 4/Cost for each guest $55.00

Spa Experience Party - your guests will experience the benefits of salt or sugar scrubs, body
butters, 100% pure essential oils, therapeutic salves, foot soaks.  Your guests will have the option to
take home (1) sugar scrub or salt scrub or body butter of their choice.                  
                                                                                  Minimum Guest 6/Cost for each guest $30.00

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