Attention - Please READ

1)  No Sensual or Sexual Massage Therapy Services is offered.  It is ILLEGAL and Strictly NOT Tolerated!

2)  Minors - I do service minors for therapeutic and medical conditions.  An adult is required to be in the therapy
room during the minor's massage therapy session.  NO Exceptions to this law!

3)  Massage therapists do not diagnose any medical condition, illness, injury, or disease.  Massage Therapy is not a
substitute for your primary care.  It is a complement to your primary care services.  Depending on your medical
condition a Physician's Permission to service you may be required.

Scheduling & Payment for services - Full payment is expected before services is rendered or at the time of
booking your appointment online or through phone registration to confirm all appointments.

Insurance - your Health Insurance Company may cover massage therapy services, if the massage therapy      
service is medically necessary and prescribed by a physician.  Your insurance company will be called to verify  
coverage  - If the insurance company do not cover medically necessary massage therapy - it is out of pocket cost to
you at a discounted rate.

Automobile Accidents - If you are involved in an automobile accident, your automobile insurance may cover your
medically necessary massage therapy services due to your injuries that resulted from the automobile accident.
Your Automobile Insurance company will be called to verify coverage for services.  If the Automobile insurance
company do not cover for your massage therapy services - it is out of pocket cost to you at a discounted rate.

Cancellation & Late Policy - When you schedule and book an appointment, this is time reserved for you.  It is
required you give a 24 hour cancellation notice when cancelling your appointment by phone.  Leaving a voice mail
message is not acceptable.  
You must speak with a staff member to cancel your appointment so that it can be
documented that you have cancelled your appointment and that appointment can be filled.
 If a (24) hour notice is not
given - you will be charged the full amount of your services from your debit/credit card.  On your next appointment
that you schedule you will be required to pay in advance at the time of booking your appointment.  The payment for
the appointment is NOT Transferable to a future appointment date or to another person.  This cancellation policy
applies to NO SHOWS... NO SHOWS is Missed Appointments.  
If you arrive late for your appointment - your massage
session will be for the time reserved.  NO Additional Time will be given due to your late arrival.
 Please arrive (10)
minutes early prior to your scheduled appointment start time - so your reserved time will start on time as scheduled.

                                                                 Voucher Customers
1) Keep in mind the spa package you purchase through Social Media Discount Companies is at deep discounted
rates and not the standard rates.  You are receiving more services for the price of one service.  The Spa Packages
we offer is put in place to make our services more affordable to you. If you arrive late for your appointment or your
services are started late due to your late arrival, your services will still end at the scheduled reserved time.  No
additional time will be given.

2)  The services you purchase through Social Media Discount Companies is for Swedish Massage or Skin Care
Services ONLY, depending on the voucher you purchased. If you need or require any type of Therapeutic or Medical
Massage Therapy services - It is not included in your spa package or voucher services that you purchased.  Medical
or Therapeutic massage therapy services is target or condition specific and it is an additional charge.   We
Offer Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Services with Voucher Companies.