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Pennsylvania is a Licensed State
                    Governing Body

Pennsylvania State Board of Massage Therapy

Address:  P.O. Box 2649 Harrisburg Pa.  17105 - 2649

Phone: (717)783 -7155

Fax:  (717) 787 - 7769


    Licensing Requirements

Credential:  Licensed Massage Therapists

Hours Required: 600 hours

Required Exam:  
NCBTMB Handbook or MBLex Handbook
Exam Content Outline: NCBTMB     Exam Content Outline: MBLex

           Applications for Download
Scar Tissue Release
CE Hours - 3  
Class focuses on physiological & anatomical fascial
restriction in scar tissue.  You will learn how to break
down adhesions and increase circulation to the
(3) hour course

9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Aromastone Massage
CE Hours - 14
you will learn the history of aromatherapy and stone
massage.  You will learn therapeutic assessments
based on client intake consultations.  You will learn
to create aromatic blends and access the quality of
essential oils. You will learn the appropriate
temperature for heating basalt stones and
placement of the stones of the body.  You will
conduct an aromastone massage, client
consultation, and treatment plans.
(2) Day Course

9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Stretching Your Client
CE Hours - 6
you will learn the therapeutic tools for stretching your
clients and how to incorporate stretching techniques
with therapeutic massage using basic and advanced
stretching techniques and stretching exercises to
benefit clients between their sessions.
(6) hour course

10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Kinesiology/Joint Movement
ROM & Stretching
you will learn the bony structure of the skeletal
system and the muscles that move each joint,
together they determine possible movements at the
joint with a range of motion as it refers to the degree
of movement found at joint.
(6) hour Course
Foundations of Aromatherapy [Level I]
you will learn in depth knowledge and hands-on
practical on (12) essential oils, (2) carrier oils and
essential oil blending for health and wellness, and
SOAP Charting for Aromatherapy. Textbook &
Essential Oil Kit Included...
(3) Day Level 1
Certification Course
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
you will learn to recognize the signs of heart
attack/stroke and what to do if they occur and how to
treat respiratory distress and choking.  CPR Class
Check CPR Schedule
$  65.00
Energy Healing I/II
you are introduced to the chakra system, the human
energy field and the basics of energy medicine.  You
will learn the techniques of energy medicine,
therapeutic touch and how to use the chakra system
as your guide.  Manual and supplies included.
(2) Day Course
Myofascial Release (MFR)
you will learn the technique of sustained pressure
into the fascial restrictions to relieve pain, reduce
stress and restore function.  You will review the
fascia, fascial anatomy, nervous system, and the
myofascial release theory.  You will learn techniques
in direct and indirect application, cervical techniques,
shoulder techniques, lumbar techniques, full body
techniques, and fibromylagia.  Manual Included.
(2) Day Course
Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)
you will learn the neuromuscular method that is
performed to deactivate tender spots called trigger
points in muscle and related connective tissue by the
use of ischemic compression.  The class covers the
NMP Massage with treatments for the upper and
lower extremities, trunk, nerve, and circulatory
cautionary sites.  Manual Included
(2) Day Course
Orthopedic Massage
you will learn a combination of techniques for
treating soft-tissue pain and injury.  It utilizes four
steps towards assessment, matching physiology with
correct treatment protocol, treatment adaptability
and rehabilitation.  Manual Included
(2) Day Course
Sports Massage
you will learn the techniques applied to enhance
athletic performance, prevention of injuries, prepare
for and recover from competition, and in
rehabilitation of injuries.
(2) Day Course
Stone Massage
you will learn how to use stones as massage tools
instead of your hands to apply pressure.  The
stones are in various sizes and shapes and are
placed on specific parts of the body for
relaxation or therapeutic treatments. Stones can be
warm/hot/cold and can be combined with
(1) Day Course
This course is created for massage therapists to
learn specific clinical conditions, injuries,indicated
pathologies and treatment plans to bring the
client/patient back to their normal healthy state
through clinical massage therapy.  This course is
designed in a chart format based on muscle, clinical
condition, injury, or pathology, and movement
assessment tests to select the most effective
treatment plan for clients/patients. This is a
hands-on course.  Come to class prepared to deliver
therapeutic touch for better health.
(2) Day Course
                             City Of Philadelphia

To operate a business in the City of Philadelphia as a Massage
Therapist,[1099, Sole Proprietor, Partnership] the following application
is required:    
Business Privilege License  $300.00

Optional License: if you are doing any marketing distribution,
the city requires a
Handbill License $30.00
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2011 Advance Classes and Workshops
There is no refund for classes and workshops unless the classes/workshops are cancelled by the instructors or by Holistic
Integrated Wellness Partners.  Payment for classes/workshops can be paid via paypal, or credit card.  Credit cards accepted
are MasterCard, VISA.  To reserve your seat in class requires a 50% nonrefundable deposit of your class/workshop
selections, with the exception of CPR/AED Class.  
CPR Class is paid at the time of registration.
State Licensing Exam Review
10:30 am - 2:30 pm
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Call (888)446-4241
($90.00 person includes manual)