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Time Out Spa is a group of Holistic Integrated Wellness Partners that offers Massage Therapy,
skin care, spa services, and hair care services.

Massage Therapy services is personalized based on your information you provide on your client
intake form, massage therapist observation, and your consultation.  Your health insurance may
cover medical massage therapy providing the massage therapy is medically necessary, which
requires a prescription from your primary care physician with massage therapy if your involved
in an automobile accident.  Your attorney information is required and your primary care
physician with prescription and diagnosis is required.  If you have a Health Savings Account
(HSAs), Flex Pay Account, Workmen Compensation ~ all are acceptable for massage therapy
services...call for more information.

                                                        Voucher Customers
Keep in mind your appointment is based on availability. If you arrive late for your appointment -
no additional time will be given and
PLEASE Remember to Tip your Massage Therapist or
Skin Care Specialist the minimum Gratuity of $10.00 since you are receiving full services
on a discounted promotion and the GRATUITY IS NOT included in the cost you paid for
promotional services.
If cancelling or rescheduling your appointment it is required you do this
24 hours before your appointment date. If not your voucher will be redeemed.   (NO
Your Groupon Voucher number is required at the time of booking your

Services Offered:
Medical Massage is for chronic medical conditions diagnosed by a physician, and pain

Therapeutic & Rehabilitative Massage therapy services for injuries, accidents, and trauma.  

Relaxation Massage Therapy Services to unwind, rejuvenate, and de-stress,

Spa Parties is a minimum of 4 guests excluding the host.  Spa packages are offered to you to
get maximum services at affordable rates.

Body Contouring is an alternative natural body contouring service that redefines, reshape,
detoxifies, and tightens.  This is an effective service for women who choose this alternative
system and post - op for liposuction, brazilian butt lift, tummy tucks, breast augementation.

Skin Care Services includes facials and waxing.

Therapeutic V-Steam Services is vaginal cleansing with organic herbs based on your
consultation and female concerns.

Cellulite Services - [Lifestyle Change] We have three options to choose from for cellulite
 Post - Surgery care and maintenance.  Post-Op care assist in maintaining the
contouring your plastic surgeon has given you, detoxifying, preventing fibrosis, and assisting
your body in healing with less pain and discomfort.  Lypossage is an alternative to liposuction  -
it is a Body Contouring System and an Post-Op Surgery Aftercare program.  Maderoterapia is
an alternative to liposuction and is a Body Contouring System.

Take the time to read the
policies in reference to serving Minors, Sensual/No Sexual Policy,
Scheduling and payment for services, Insurance, Corporate Events, and the Cancellation Policy.

Browse through the website for services, make your selection, and Book your appointment or
consultation.  If you have questions we can be reached at the above contact number.  If we
don't answer - its because a class is being taught or a client/patient is being serviced.   Leave
your name and number with a brief message and your call will be returned within 24 hours.

We offer Weekly and Monthly Specials, Community Events, Workshops, Jabiel's Body Scrubs,
Body Butters, Lotions, Lip Balm, Muscle Relaxation Salve, Roll ons, and Doterra Essential Oils.

Always Keep Smiling ~ Book Your Experience Today Call (267)864-8639

Tara & Carolyn
Massage Therapy is NOT A Luxury

Massage Therapy Is Preventive Health Care and Health Maintenance Service
Get On Board with Your Health .......Get Monthly Massage Therapy
Services at Affordable Rates

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